We thrive to provide good quality products and service and carefully handed to the market with responsibility and sincerity. We believe in value of honest and great service mind to keep customers satisfied with what they have paid for. It is not only a business but it is a long term partnership for all your drive system needs.

Ranging from lower and medium power range to extreme,ultra high-power application. Materials available in Rubber to Thermoplastic Polyurethane to suit all needs. They have been designed to comply to every need of the design engineer in linear motion, power transmission and in conveying applications where precise synchronisation is required. Tension cords can be made from polyester to aramid/ kevlar,steel, and stainless steel cords. There are many cord sizes available for different usage and requirements.

Flat transmission belt and conveying purposes for various application from small to heavy industriesin under different work conditions, such as heat, water, chemical exposures. We carefully select the right products to suit your needs. Not always the most expensive products are suitable for your application. We help you to consider initial investment costs as oppose to production costs in the long run.